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Works By Series

Nature & Landscapes

¬†With a focus on detail and a passion for preserving the essence of the landscapes I encounter, my collection of work is my celebration of the world’s beauty. I hope that my portfolio can provide a small glimpse into the breathtaking landscapes that surround us every day.

Floral & Still Life

My focus is on capturing the beauty in the everyday through intricate arrangements of flowers, fruits, and objects. I hope that my art can be seen as captivating and peaceful. Each piece is a representation of my attempt at showcasing light and color in a unique way, and a testament to my love for capturing the beauty of the everyday.

Animals & Portraits

This portfolio showcases my attempt at capturing the essence of animals and humans. With my focus on highlighting each subject’s unique character and spirit, I hope to create portraits and depictions that are intriguing and bring each subject to life.¬†